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What is Ginjan?

Ginjan was born in Africa and made in New York. Ginjan is an organic ginger drink that was a huge part of the brother duo and co-founders Rahim & Mo’s childhood back in Guinea. It’s one thing they missed about home, so they decided to recreate their family recipe for everyone to enjoy. Since its inception in 2015, they have expanded into other options including Bissap which is a part of the Roselle plant and native to their West African roots. All juices are organic, made with simple ingredients, and blended to perfection! Once chilled, enjoy them over ice, mixed into a cocktail, or straight out of the bottle.


I’ve never purchased before. What should I pick?

Well first off...Welcome! We currently offer 2 types of juices our classic Ginger and our Bissap. Both of which are family recipes with different profiles. 
  • Our Ginger is known for its immunity and energy kick our customers get when they drink it. Known natively as “Namakou Leiidi’ which translates to ‘pepper of the earth’ our Ginger drink is a great way to enhance your immune response and combat inflammation.
  • Our Bissap is known for its immunity and vitality flavor profile. With a smoother profile, this juice is a great refresher. Packed with antioxidants, this juice can easily fit in as your new favorite! On a sunny day, this quenches any thirst but feel free to have fun and heat it up on a cold day!
  • Can’t decide what your favorite is? Neither could we so we decided to offer a Half & Half pack for our customers to try 6 of each flavor. It’s the best of both worlds and to ensure you always have some, sign up for our subscription service to keep your fridge stocked up!

    I got my order! What next?

    Congratulations. We recommend that you refrigerate your juice as soon as possible, although we do have insulated packaging with every juice order to keep it cool just in case you can’t reach a fridge quickly!


    Oh No! The box says "keep chill" but the ice packs and drinks are HOT! Is it still good? 

    The drinks are best served chilled and we recommend that they go in the fridge when you can get to one, although they will not go bad if they are at room temperature are above. 


    There is nothing in the juice that would spoil. This family recipe was created back in Guinea where Ginjan originated and their family recipe was perfected from childhood when the brothers would drink it while walking to school on a hot day. During those times, the juice would come up to room temp or warmer and it just provides a different flavor profile but nothing to be concerned about which is why the brothers chose both the Ginger and Bissap as the best drinks to craft and perfect for everyone since temperatures will not affect the overall juice.


    Since we use organic ingredients, for the longest shelf life, we recommend re-chilling them once they come in. Although we have had customers heat them up as a hot drink as well.


    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Good Question! We generally take 3-7 business days to ship in the immediate US. We use FedEx as our primary shipping partner so during peak seasonal times, there may be an additional day or two added to the delivery! Never fear, our insulated packs help keep the juice as fresh as possible!

    To check the status of your order please email our support team with your order number! We’d be happy to give you an update.


    Do you ship outside the US?

    Currently, we do not ship outside the US but we are making it a goal to offer our delicious juices world wide soon! For now you can visit our cafe or have them delivered to any US shipping address.


    What do I do if I want to cancel or modify my order?

    We try to ship out orders as quickly as possible, which means we might not catch your request in time. If you need to cancel or modify your order please reach out to with your order number within 24hrs of placing your order.

    We will do our best to accommodate your request.


    What is a subscription?

    Ran out too fast? There’s a subscription for that! We offer a subscription to all of our Ginjan products including our juices and signature coffee so you can set it and forget it! These subscriptions come in 2 or 4 weeks intervals at the moment so you can choose what works best for you. As an added bonus we offer a discount rate for all of our subscribers.


    Can I change or pause my subscription?

    Yes. We've partnered with Recharge to make it easy for you to seamlessly change any part of your subscription 

    Once your subscription is placed, you will receive a subscription email with a link to your subscription login page. From there you can add or modify product on your subscription, skip a delivery as well as update payment details or shipping information.


    Delivery & Returns

    My order arrived damaged - can I get a replacement?

    Of course! Please email or support team with your order number and a photo of damaged bottles. From there, our support team will guide you on the next steps.


    What if my package didn't arrive?

    Oh no! We want you to enjoy your order but that means it needs to get in your hands first.

    If your order didn’t arrive, please email our support team with your order number. Our team will check the tracking and reach out to the delivery company for further explanation. We will work with you on the quickest options available.


    What should I do if I’m missing items from my order?

    We take pride and package every order by hand. In the unlikely event that you are missing an item from your order please reach out to our support team with your order number and description of the item missing.


    Can I return my order?

    Due to the fact that we are an independent small business, unfortunately, we cannot accept returns at this time on any merchandise regardless of being opened or not.

    If you purchased the wrong size t-shirt please email our support team to exchange the size.