"My Queen is...": A Creative Journey into Our 2024 Black History Month

Every year, as Black History Month approaches, there's an opportunity for creativity and innovation in celebrating the richness of African history and culture. This year, we embarked on a unique and thought-provoking campaign titled "My Queen is...," breaking away from the conventional approach of highlighting the same figures annually.

In this blog, I'll take you on the creative journey that led to the inception of this distinctive campaign, showcasing the beauty and diversity of African royalty.

I wanted to do something different...As the brainstorming sessions for the 2024 Black History Month campaign began, I was determined to step out of the ordinary. I wanted something that would not only praise historical figures but also educate and inspire our community in a new and captivating way.

The Inspiration

In the midst of my creative pondering, I turned to music to fuel my imagination. I stumbled upon an album named "Your Queen is a Reptile" by Sons of Kemet, a musical gem featured on NPR. The album's distinctive sound and rhythm captured my attention, but it was the tracklist that truly sparked the flame of inspiration. Each track began with the phrase "My Queen is...," a brilliant concept that resonated deeply.

The Epiphany

The idea of centering our Black History Month campaign around African queens started to take shape. I envisioned a series that would celebrate and honor the powerful women who have left an indelible mark on African history. The concept was fresh, and it offered a new perspective that would engage and enlighten our audience.



Expanding the Narrative

As the idea evolved, we decided to extend our focus to include African kings as well. The goal was to present a holistic view of African royalty, showcasing the remarkable leaders and visionaries who have shaped the continent's history. This decision added depth and balance to our campaign, ensuring that both queens and kings received the recognition they deserve.

How do we share this with the World?

With the central theme of "My Queen is...," we began the process of researching and selecting influential African queens and kings throughout history. The campaign aimed not only to celebrate their accomplishments but also to share lesser-known stories, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse narratives within African history.

I'll leave you with this...

The journey from a desire for something extraordinary to the realization of the "My Queen is..." campaign was a testament to the power of creativity and inspiration. By embracing a unique musical influence and weaving it into the fabric of our Black History Month celebration, we hope to create an experience that educates, inspires, and pays homage to the richness of African royalty. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery and celebration throughout this impactful and distinctive campaign.